Scaneo - x-ray image scanner

A new way to scan x-ray images.

ScaNeo is your reliable digital scanning system designed to provide excellent x-ray images quickly and easily.

The use of sensors (memory film) during imaging and software controls are simple and intuitive for the dentist and easy to use for the patient.

The system requires no cable connection for x-ray imaging.

Oralix x-ray machine

Deliver high quality and contrast x-ray images with a minimum of radiation exposure.


Entonox is a mixture of gases ready for direct usage.

The mixture is 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen.

An effective, fast acting analgesic that is easy to deliver (inhalation mask) in a controlled manner and quickly eliminated from the body once inhalation stops. 

Carl Zeiss dental microscope - loupe system

Prismatic loupes from Carl Zeiss are sure to impress with their excellent optical quality that is apparent at first glance. The brilliant stereoscopic image will give you a new perspective.

- high image quality and colour accuracy

- exceptionally deep contrast

- large field of vision

- broad spectrum of magnification

Multi-talented laser in common dental practice


1. SURGERY: frenulectomy, i.e. removal of the frenulum in children without pain or bleeding and with faster healing, fibroma removal, uses in implantology.

2. PROSTHETICS: gum modification before castings, stopping gum bleeding, gingivectomy, crown extensions, gum correction.

3. ENDODONTICS: Root canal treatment, Pulpotomia disinfection, removal of vital pulp in children (removal of the nerve from a root canal in baby teeth)

4. PERIODONTICS: treatment of inflammatory gum disease (periodontitis), long-term improvement or stabilization of periodontal disease, treatment of periodontal pockets, bacteria reduction. Treatments are minimally invasive with no bleeding and fast healing.

5. PAEDIATRIC DENTISTRY: Heavy trimming of baby teeth, treatment of canals, maxillary frenum removal, no bleeding, no pain and rapid healing, takes the place of a scalpel and sutures.


Multifunction endo motor with integrated apex locator. Combines preparation with length measurement, both of which are available for separate use if needed. Pre-programmed speed and torque settings for all NiTi systems.

Safety functions: torque, acoustic warnings and automatic stop/reverse system. Additional programs for canals with difficult anatomy.

BeeFill 2in1

Quick, simple and high quality, three-dimensional root canal filling system with a tip for condensing gutta-percha filling material.

Micro motor control ensures precise application of gutta-percha with quick replacement of gutta-percha filling cartridges.

Bluephase LED polymerising light

High efficiency wireless LED polymerising light with light intensity of 2000 mW/cm2. Enables the use of very short, 5-second polymerisation times.

Photo-polymerisation of all dental materials in a wavelength interval of 380 to 515 nm.

Beyond Whitening Accelerator

Professional non-chip whitening light utilising the latest technology to generate cold light with a wavelength of 480-520 nm.

The light is filtered through 120,000 optical fibres with a total length of nearly 2 km and through an optical lens cover with 30 protective layers. This ensures complete pulp protection.


LAD-light activated ozone disinfection, an innovation in dentistry.

This tool kills all types of bacteria and is effective against viruses and fungi.

It has a broad range of uses in treating infections and their preventing with direct targeting at the site of the inflammation.

Indicated treatments: cavities, root canals, periodontal packets, gingivitis, oral thrush, post-extraction inflammation, cold sores, etc.


The fastest instrument for automatic mixing and dosing of casting materials available on the market.

Mix only the required quantity of material (with less waste), including polyether, VPS and alginate materials.


Top-of-the-line sandblasting tool for supragingival treatment

This tool can be changed over for supragingival treatment to a depth of up to 10 mm in a matter of seconds. Compatible quick connectors: Kavo, Sirona, W&H, Bien-air, NSK.


Tool to produce whitening and fluoridation carriers and splints for bruxism sufferers or athletes.

Silver Mix

Capsule glass ionomer filling mixer: used for the automatic mixing of high quality glass ionomer fillings recommended for children and adults, primarily where a good photo composite filling cannot be used due to the inability to ensure a dry work surface.