1. SURGERY: frenulectomy, i.e. removal of the frenulum in children without pain or bleeding and with faster healing, fibroma removal, uses in implantology.

2. PROSTHETICS: gum modification before castings, stopping gum bleeding, gingivectomy, crown extensions, gum correction.

3. ENDODONTICS: Root canal treatment, Pulpotomia disinfection, removal of vital pulp in children (removal of the nerve from a root canal in baby teeth)

4. PERIODONTICS: treatment of inflammatory gum disease (periodontitis), long-term improvement or stabilization of periodontal disease, treatment of periodontal pockets, bacteria reduction. Treatments are minimally invasive with no bleeding and fast healing.

5. PAEDIATRIC DENTISTRY: Heavy trimming of baby teeth, treatment of canals, maxillary frenum removal, no bleeding, no pain and rapid healing, takes the place of a scalpel and sutures.