Care for your teeth in our dental clinic begins with a free-of-charge professional initial examination. It includes also a conversation about your overall health condition.

We’ll conduct a microscopic examination of your teeth with a comprehensive x-ray examination, including OPG, 3D and imaging needed for orthodontics, and if needed, we'll complete detailed intra-oral images of individual teeth, in a comfortable, single location with no need to visit different offices. Your initial examination also includes a periodontal exam to check the condition of your gums and your oral mucosa. Finally, we’ll familiarise you with the condition of your teeth and we will consult with you together a plan for potential further treatment and identify the optimum schedule to meet your needs. 
Health records?
No need to worry about your health records at your previous dentist. Our professionals will complete a new record with an up-to-date description of your teeth. 

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