Care for children's teeth

Caring parents bring their children to the dentist sometime around when they reach the age of one, and often times even earlier. We are particularly sensitive towards our young patients to create a positive relationship towards caring for their teeth and, importantly, so they do not associate the dentist with painful procedures.

Our dentists know how to motivate the youngest patients to properly clean their teeth and ensure proper dental care. It is important that parents are instructed, as they are the ones who should ensure the regular hygiene of their child's teeth with regular checks and proper cleaning when needed. 
Healthy teeth in children can also be protected from cavities by sealing, which is a prophylaxis, more specifically a coating for the chewing surfaces of teeth to prevent cavities in baby teeth.  Fluoridation is an important part of prevention. 
We are able to perform many of the same procedures for our child patients that we offer for our adult patients while taking into consideration all of the specifics given their age.
We also use a gentle laser-based method in our offices to remove obstructing parts of the frenulum in children.
If your child is particularly resistant and hesitant to cooperate during an examination or a procedure, we are able to help them overcome their fears by applying suitable psychological or medical therapies. The warranty period of dental fillings for children is 1 year.

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