Initial examination

Care for your teeth in our dental clinic begins with a free-of-charge professional initial examination. It includes also a conversation about your overall health condition.

Preventative check-ups
Twice a year absolutely free!

Preventative check-ups are very important as they help expose dental issues at their inception before they develop into painful and damaging problems over time.

Dental hygiene
Professional dental care

We use ultrasound and sandblasting to remove dental calculus and plaque from every tooth individually in a professional manner.

Restorative dentistry

Treating and remedying existing cavities and preventing new cavities using the latest filling materials is the basis of restorative dentistry.

Aesthetic dentistry
Whitening teeth, veneers

Our facilities provide a number of procedures and corrections for improving the appearance of teeth. Whitening is the most popular, and can produce a number of shades of whiter teeth while maintaining their natural appearance.

Paediatric dentistry
Care for children's teeth

Caring parents bring their children to the dentist sometime around when they reach the age of one, and often times even earlier. We are particularly sensitive towards our young patients to create a positive relationship towards caring for their teeth and, importantly, so they do not associate the dentist with painful procedures.


We willgive your teeth back their lost functionality - regardless of if a tooth has fallen out, died or broken - using crowns, bridges or other prosthetics.


We also have solutions for those patients who are seeking a permanent solution for their missing teeth.

Dental surgery
Tooth extraction and root end resection

If our professional dentist determines restorative procedures are unfortunately no longer an effective choice, tooth extraction may be recommended to resolve the issue.

Endodontic treatment
Root canal treatment

This procedure is used to treat inflammation processes in the mouth. The goal is to prevent the bacteria from the tooth from spreading through blood and into the body. An untreated infection may cause a number of other dangerous diseases that a person would not necessarily associate with tooth pain.

Gum treatment

Gum disease is widespread and, unfortunately, people do not give it the attention it deserves and they come into the office once when it is too late. As such, this area of dentistry is given extra emphasis in our clinic.

Patient anaesthesia

In our clinic, we often meet patients who are afraid of dental treatments regardless of the difficulty or pain involved in the procedure.