MUDr. Zorica Nemcová

Curriculum vitae

Doctor Nemcová began studying paediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine following her dental technician studies at secondary school. She transferred to dentistry after 4 years of study. Dr Nemcová has 23 years of experience, during which time she has focused on a combination of these two specialisations and on children who suffer from a phobia of dentistry and its environment.
She regularly appears in media, educates in schools and in pre-school facilities and tries to motivate our youngest patients and their parents to take a responsible approach of caring for their teeth, dental hygiene, proper eating habits and regular preventative check-ups. Fear and a phobia from dental examinations are best overcome when a child gets to know their dentist without the pain of a cavity. Dr Nemcová was named the “Woman of the Year 2014” in healthcare for her long-term efforts and educational approach.
She regularly participates in international congresses, where she gathers information and experience that she then applies in her daily work. Dr Nemcová continues to seek out new challenges in the form of new technologies and methods.

Given the fact I am a woman who likes to take care of herself, I have also focused on aesthetic dentistry and the comprehensive dental restoration to give patients a healthier and more beautiful smile that makes them feel good and gives them their self-co